Vanthus Vanderboren

(NPC) Brother of Lavinia and heir apparent to his family fortune – that is, of course, unless he was responsible for his parent’s death (which, indeed, he is). Vanthus has been missing for some time. When the party investigated the Vanderbourne vaults with Lavinia, they found more than three quarters of the family fortune missing. When Lavinia inquired of the clerk if anyone had been in the vaults recently, she was informed that her brother had been there just the week before and made a withdrawal. This led to wild speculation on the part of Lavinia and the party and led Lavinia to request that Idae use his contacts to make inquiries about Vanthus. He was able to determine that he had been seen in the company of a woman named Brissa and a dwarf named Penkus. Specifically, he had been seen with the dwarf obtaining a small boat from “It Still Floats,” a used watercraft shop near the harbor. Vanthus used Shefton to try to lure the party into a trap. However, Idae fell into the trap all by himself and discovered that Vanthus had double-crossed and killed Penkus. Specifically, he found a note that Penkus had written before he died outlining exactly what Vanthus had done to him. Later, in the lair of the Lotus Dragons, a wealth of evidence was discovered linking him to that organization. Additionally, a letter from Vanthus, in his own hand, confess (boasts, actually) of how he killed his parents and set their yacht ablaze.

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