An interested reader who is not a member of the group has been reading reading this blog. I appreciated the enthusiasm and asked if I could take advantage of it by getting any feedback possible, including any errors, typos, oversights, etc. The topic of "Varkette" came up. I would like to quote the comment I received (I truly laughed out loud):

In chapter 2 I was wondering who Varkette was as this individual just popped up, did nothing I could see, then gets thrown in with the other prisoners. As they were all eventually turned over to the Sassirine guard, I'm not sure it matters, but I wondered. Was he like Soller Vark's mini-me?

The answer is, actually, yes, in a way. In the actual material for the adventure path, Soller Vark has an unnamed girlfriend (I'm being nice). She has no real importance in the story, but like so many other elements, could easily be developed by the Gamemaster to suit the game. Well, the DM at the time, Rob, brought her up, but was hard-pressed to come up with a name for her. "Soller Vark's Girlfriend" (or less nice variation) was just too much of a mouthful and, out of expedience, SOMEBODY (Probably me, but it could have been Chris, too) came up with Varquette. She is now serving five to ten in the Sasserine prison, where she will be beaten to death by another inmate in an argument over prison cell cleanliness. (This way I never have to address the non-character again).

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