Who is Duncan Stark?

Duncan Stark was the character played by the original DM of this adventure, Rob, when he had played the STAP. This is as far in the game as Duncan had made it, and we agreed that it would be a great little tip-of-the-hat to have his remains be discovered, despite the continuity implications. The decision to have Saris know of Duncan by reputation is rooted in all the times that Rob drew comparisons between the two characters when he was running the game. Whether or not Duncan Stark actually killed a manticore single-handedly … well, you’ll just have to ask Rob yourself.

The crowbar had belonged to Robs first character, before Duncan; a half-orc thug named Rexam Darkspittle, who used the crowbar as a weapon. Rexam died beneath Parrot Island, and Duncan picked the crowbar up from his corpse when the "next party" began the adventure. Saris picking up the crowbar has a certain symmetry to it, like some sort of STAP relay.

Incidentally, I am told that the name Rexam came from a soda can, which means that the character was named for Rexam PLC, the leading British provider of plastic packaging solutions and manufacturer of beverage cans, headquartered are in London, England. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything here, but I had to do something with the information!

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